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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poor Visual Design - Old Spice Ad

This advertisement is a fail because the image has nothing to do with the company Old Spice. This will not attract any potential buyers, as it has a female eating her ice cream. With that said, this is mens deodrant and should have something more creative rather than a meaningless image.

Situation: An Old Spice advertisement depitcting a woman eating ice cream with a comment “sure, shes attractive, sultery, even. But she is only eating it because it tastes good and it is hot where she happens to be”. This quote makes no sense at all and shows very little use of the product. It is odd having a female on an ad for a male deodorant company.

Message: There is no clear cut message, it is showing that old spice is using a sexually suggestive image to sell its product. The image seems very random and doesn’t fit with the product.

Audience: The audience is Male users and prospective users of old spice.

Response: Old spice is using this ad to promote its deodorant for men. But I don’t know how this image corresponds to its product. The viewer is left confused about the message of the advertisement.

Tool: This image can be found on google images


  1. I agree that the advertisement is meaningless because the girl is tasting the ice cream and she likes it but of course, she wouldn't taste the deodrant.

  2. I am obviously not on time to this discussion, nor am I a part of the class, but even still I have to disagree. This ad is perfect for the old spice audience and fits in line with their marketing campaign exactly. The campaign taps into the male 18-36 demographic through absurdist comedy that combines a recognizable 20th-century image of male success with a subverted message to make viewers think that it is more entertainment than commercial solicitation - essentially the double-take strategy. The reason they need to do this is because in the 21st century, buyers are more suspicious of corporate messages and for a variety of reasons, respond less to the idea of the "Coca-Cola" lifestyle. Despite this, companies like Budweiser continue to use the same type of lifestyle advertising that they have used for 80 years. Proctor & Gamble (who manufacture Old Spice) are very aware of this and so as not to completely alienate themselves from other corporate ads and reinvent the wheel, they find it necessary to utilize familiar images that immediately connect with a male audience (attractive girl eating ice cream), yet endear it to the 21st century mindset. By subverting expectations with an absurdist message that is purely intended to provide lulz to the demographic, this marketing is betting on the human desire to be in on the joke in order to attract awareness to their brand. Something that obviously has been effective for Old Spice because they have been using this campaign for a year or two now. The television ads are much more animated and able to pack far more comedy and entertainment into each moment, but the absurdist subversion of expectations - ever unfolding double- and triple-takes - remains the same.

  3. In addition to the last comment is also the simple fact that the connection between the body wash and the image is the message "Keep it Clean" which is used in the sense of physical cleanliness as well as mental cleanliness.

  4. good thing you guys posted that after the class had already concluded..