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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poor Visual Design: Sisley - Fashion Junkie

The above ad was produced in 2007 by an advertising agency for the Sisley Fashion brand. It shows two models who appear to be snorting cocaine. The white dress on the table is also arranged to look like the drug. There is also some suspicious white powder placed on the credit cards in the picture.

Situation - This print ad was published in 2007 in fashion magazines and instantly gained alot of controversy. Sisley Fashion officially denied that they had anything to do with the advertisement and that the ad agency which produced the ad, did so without consent.

Message - The message in the ad seems to be that fashion can be as addicting as the deadly drug. However, some girls who see this ad might interpret the underlying message to be that snorting cocaine is acceptable.

Audience - The target audience of this ad I would assume to be young girls or women, aged 15-29.

Response - Again, the message on the surface seems to suggest that fashion can be as addicting as cocaine, but different people may interpret the message to mean that snorting drugs is acceptable.

Tools - This was a print ad in a fashion magazine.


  1. Wow! I am amazed that the ad agency, or whoever, would think that this ad would be a good idea, and would be successful in promoting the brand.

  2. Seriously, after seeing this ad, I would never buy clothes from them.

  3. Though the ad may has negative impacts, it gives me a strong shock.