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Monday, August 8, 2011

Employers Do Look at a Potential Employees Facebook Page

As we all know, social networking is increasing tremendously and is being used for various reasons. According to this article (, a survey was conducted that revealed that about 50% of all employers are checking Facebook profiles to screen potential employees before hiring. Employers not only check Facebook profiles, but looking up LinkedIn and My Space profiles are also common. However, Twitter profiles and blog posts are less common to be investigated by employers.

Knowing that potential employers may be looking into you social network profiles is very beneficial for those seeking a job; it may even give you a competitive advantage over one that may not be aware of this. Some things to avoid including in your social network profiles that employers dislike include:

  • In appropriate photos of drinking or doing drugs
  • Posting negative remarks about previous employers
  • Lack of communication skills
  • Discriminatory remarks and lying about skills and other qualifications

You want your social network profile to give a good image about yourself to potential employers. This would mean a profile that would support the qualifications listed on your resume.

So I suggest the next time you are thinking of posting a picture of yourself from a party where you really got drunk, think twice because it may lead to you missing out on a job opportunity.


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  1. It is definitely true that employers are looking at Facebook profiles when considering which candidates to hire for a position. A couple of weeks ago, an ex-coworker of mine, who is now a manager at a different store location, had asked me how to search people up on Facebook (he's in his 40's and not too familiar with social media sites). He was in the process of assembling a team for his customer care centre and wanted to do an informal background check on the applicants.